Crop Box Sunday! August 28, 10:30AM-2PM

Not a member yet? Why not? Click here to join the co-op at $100 (with an option to pay $10/month) for full membership. Be a member and a co-owner, bringing the power of economic independence to Riverside. Members can subscribe to our crop box too! $27/month with delivery available for $7.50/month. You benefit, your community […]


Kiva Zip Lending Team

“Character over Credit.” The Riverside Food Co-op has built a partnership through Kiva Zip, a crowdfunding community that makes local, national and international micro-loans. Like the cooperative movement, Kiva Zip believes in the power of social capital to build resilient economies. “Rather than assessing your credit history and financial statements” for you who seek a […]


What is a Co-op? Part I

First let’s revisit Aesop’s fable, The Lion and The Boar. On a summer day when great heat induced general thirst, a lion and a boar come to a fierce dispute over who gets to drink from a pond. As they engage in the agonies of mortal combat they notice a vulture circling, waiting to feast […]