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Who we are.

Q: What other kinds of cooperatives are there, and how are they different from a food co-op?
The food co-op is a consumer cooperative. Essentially people join together to own a store where they shop. REI, the national sporting goods retailer, is a well known consumer co-op. Other cooperatives include worker co-ops where workers own their place of business, and financial co-ops such as credit unions. Ace Hardware is a large non-grocery cooperative collectively owned by its local retail dealers.
Q: Are you a nonprofit?
No. We are "not-for-profit." We exist on behalf of our Member-Owners, whereas nonprofits offer benefits to the community at large. However, Member-Ownership is available to anyone in our community, and we as a corporation are not profit-motivated. Instead, a co-op wants its community to benefit from investing in itself. These are our principles.
Q: Where will the store be?
We don’t yet know where the store will be, other than in Riverside. Before we make concrete plans for a store we need enough membership to indicate support for it. [If you're not yet a Member but want fresh local produce and a strong Riverside...that's a little hint to join us.]
Q: Why must co-op Members be California residents only?
Complex tax reasons. As a California Consumer Cooperative Corporation, our Members may derive benefits from ownership (see "What's a 'patronage rebate'?") that regulations disallow as interstate commerce were any Member a non-California resident.
Q: What's a 'patronage rebate'?
A patronage rebate is the distribution of unallocated profits to Members after the end of a fiscal year in proportion to their individual patronage of the cooperative.

What we do.

Q: Where is the co-op's farm?
Riverside Food Co-op does not grow the produce we sell. We purchase from local farmers, which helps keep farming viable in Riverside and supports our local economy.
Q: Is all the produce organic?
No, not many of our farmers are certified organic because the process is expensive and time consuming for small farms. Some are certified and others we do vet for their farm practices.
Q: How can I volunteer?
Just give us a call! Our number is (951) 290-7327, or click here. We always need help with social media posts, packing the crop boxes, and getting new Members.
Q: Must I volunteer to be a Member?
Nope. You must be familiar with those old '70s legacy co-ops to ask that question but volunteer hours aren't required anymore. As a Member, help us get more Members though. Would you be interested in hosting a little gathering to socialize and possibly get people to sign up? Call us.

Crop Box

Q: May I cancel a box when I go out of town?
Sure. Log into your account and send a help ticket. You must cancel your box by the date shown in your first reminder message. (The date changes each month.) You will receive a check for your refund amount by mail after your payment is cleared.
Q: Can I customize my box size or contents?
Not currently, sorry. As a volunteer enterprise the Crop Box is standardized. We have members who share a box and work out payments and contents with each other. We also have members who order more than one box. Send us an email or help ticket, or call to discuss.